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433 Mhz DC 3.6V 5V 12V 24V 1CH LED Lamp Controller Micro Receiver Mini Relay Wireless RF Remote Control Switch Power Transmitter 5655612

Sale price USD $49.92 Regular price USD $72.35

Resumen del pedido

433 Mhz DC 3.6V 5V 12V 24V 1CH LED Lamp Controller Micro Receiver Mini Relay Wireless RF Remote Control Switch Power Transmitter
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Compra con
433 Mhz DC 3.6V 5V 12V 24V 1CH LED Lamp Controller Micro Receiver Mini Relay Wireless RF Remote Control Switch Power TransmitterApplication environment:Remote control switch,motorcycles, automobile anti-theft products, home security products, electric doors, shutter doors, windows, remote control socket, remote control LED, remote audio remote control electric doors, garage door remote control, remote control retractable doors, remote volume gate, pan doors, remote control door opener, door closing device control system, remote control curtains, alarm host, alarm, remote control motorcycle remote control electric cars, remote control MP3.    Features:·Wireless control LED lamp string, Christmas tree light string, light control switch·Long range working voltage·Ultra low power,High sensitive response..Operating Voltage: DC 3V-24V.Encoding : EV1527 1527 Learning code.Customizable special code: MCU type.Optional fixed encoding type: PT2262 / EV1527 / HT6P20B (Minimum order:500pcs)Mini Receiver Module Information:Working voltage: DC 3.6V~24VMaximum load: 2AStatic current: 3.6 mA ~ 5.5mAWorking frequency: 433MHzReception sensitivity: ≥ -107dBmSize: 25.5 mm x 13mm x 5mm (length × width × high)Mini size support coding format 1527 learning codeInput: DC 3.6V ~ DC 24VOutput: DC 3.6V ~ DC 24VModulation mode:ASK (superheterodyne)Appearance size: 25.5mmx 13mm x 5mm (length × width × high)Number of stored remote controls: ≤ 15Working mode: Momentary, Toggle, Latching ModeLearning style: Learning ButtonWorking temperature: -20 degrees 80 degrees.Specifications Of The Remote Control:Operating frequency: 433.92MHzPower by 23A 12V Battery (Battery  included ),Material: PVC.Button: 1 button;Size: 91mm x 39.5mm x 15mm;Operating voltage: DC 12V ;Operating Current: 12mA;Transmitting power: 10mw;Modulation mode: ASK (AM).Encoding type: Learning.Transfers distance: 100~300 meters.Dear Sir and Madam :if you don't know it .please inquiry it .the receiver and transmitter can work together ,their frequency ,IC chip and Shock resistance must be taken in to consideration.   If you need it to work with your own receiver, you must make sure 100% that your receiver is 433mhz Frequency,does your receiver have a learning button to learn the transmitter code? and does your receiver can be compatible with 1527 ic chip transmitter.    Notice: Different options include different packages:    Please carefully confirm the model purchased. There are many options in this link. The SKU image is also very clear. "ONLY" means only this part (no other parts). We don't want to cause misunderstanding to every friend!Note : This items send out without retail Package ,but we will pack it well before shipped out.The parcel will be sent out according to the selection.We recommend that you buy the receiver and transmitter from our store, because they can work together perfectly.   Free Gift: Cross screwdriver * 1pcs.Attention Please:Every parcel only get 1 pcs cross screwdriver as a free gift whatever how many you order.About Working mode:1.Momentary:Push the remote button , the relay connects, release the remote button , the relay dis-connects.2.Toggle:Push once the remote button , the relay connects , push twice the remote button , the relay dis-connects .3.Latching:Push the remote button A, the relay connects, push the remote button B, the relay dis-connect.4.Time delay mode:Push the remote control button , the relay connects , from when release the remote button , after 5s or 10s or 15s or 20s , the relay disconnect automatically.5.Automatic energize when power on: when power supply, the relay connects.   Clearing the code :Push the learning button on the receivers for 9 times , until the LED indicator OFF and then flash,until it flash for 5 times. it mean the code have been cleared successfully;After clearing the code, all the remote control cannot work any more.    Learning the code :(momentary)Push the learning key on the receiver once time , it comes into momentary setting mode .Wait for a moment , the LED will be on, it comes into learning state .Push the remote button , LED indicator on the receiver board will flash 3 times and then come off,learning successfully .    Learning the code : ( Toggle )Push the learning key on the receiver twice time , it comes into toggle setting modeWait for a moment , the LED will be on , it comes into learning state .Push the remote button,LED indicator on the receiver board will flash 3 times and then come off, learning successfully .   Learning the code :(Latching )Note: When you choose for latching mode , in order to learn more remote control , you need to learn two different button , the first time learnt is for “ON”, the second time learnt for “OFF”.For example : button A = ON , button B = OFFPush the learning key on the receiver triple time , it comes into latching mode .Wait for a moment , the LED indicator on the receiver board will be on,Push the remote button A,LED flash for 3 times .Push the remote button B .Led indicator flash for 3 times and then come off, learning successfully.A = ON , B = OFF .    Learning the code :( Time delay mode )Push the learning key on the receiver forth time , the time dealy for 5 seconds .Push the learning key on the receiver fifth time , the time delay for 10 seconds .Push the learning key on the receiver sixth time , the time delay for 15 seconds .Push the learning key on the receiver seventh time , the time delay for 15 seconds .The LED indicator will be on .Push the remote button , LED indicator flashes 3 times and then off, learning successfully .     Learning the code : (Automatic energize when power on)Push the learning key on the receiver eight times , it comes into setting modeWait for a moment , the LED will be on , it comes into learning state .Push the remote button,LED indicator on the receiver board will flash 3 times and then come off, learning successfully .    NOTE:The system can store for 15 pcs of remotes , if the remote get more than 15 pcs , the initial remote control will be lost . window.adminAccount2656512241;

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